Twilight Chases The Sun

by Furniture

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Furniture's 2005 debut album, currently out of print, is now streaming in entirety and downloadable too.

If you wish to purchase the CD, contact goh.leekwang(at)gmail(dot)com. Hurry because there are only 100 copies remaining.

album credits:

ron - guitar, vox, synth, beats
kacy - guitar, synth
adrian - bass
jeremy - drums, beats

recorded sept. 2003 to june 2005 at stickylight
engineered + mixed by ron
produced by ron + furniture
drums on 2, 8 + 10 recorded by kacy
4 + 5 by eric, 7 by albert, 9 by grace
6 contains samples from n desire by lau mun leng
and an uncredited performance of imaginary landscape no. 1 by john cage
sleeve art + design by ron + dave of moving mountains


released July 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Furniture Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Track Name: Postcards
honey, please leave those milky nightlights
on for me cos out the door
the shadows greet the end of day

dearest, come run away with me
into the night on angel wings
under falling stars over sleeping hillocks

my heart it hangs on my sleeve
my heart it hangs on my sleeve

lover, hand me that locket hanging
'round your neck and near your heart
where all your secrets go when they get lost

and on the other side you'll find
i won't be too far behind

somewhere tonight someone's waiting
to be taken home
somewhere tonight someone's pining
silent as a ghost

(away, so long, farewell my love)

honey, those milky nightlights burn
for you tonight so where you are
it's time for you to make your way back home
Track Name: Please
watched the world go by
standing in a line

you could never tell
i haven't been well
it's a lie

days are longer now
since the falling out
changed so fast

aching for lost time
all the ill defined
haunting me

i don't want to die
but i'm sick of life
in this way

memory is short
and everything we fought
it's all lost

it's the scent of you
hanging in my room
stings my eyes

as you never were
i see you dissapear

my dear apathy
i could never be
din't try

all the plans we made
and all the lines i chased
back to you

it's so quiet here
it's so quiet here

you're beautiful
(i deserve much better from you honey
all too soon you'll come around)
Track Name: Chasing Tipperary
o watch your back
o heart attack
o what a glorious messed up sound
you say life is short
what's that about?
it takes the world to turn you 'round
and i've had all that i can take
of your unrelenting ways
out of sight you're on my mind
it's a fine day for goodbyes
Track Name: I Am Ying
now we are one
all our fears come undone
now we are one
all our fears come undone
Track Name: Lughnasa
believe in me
i know not what to say
to keep your heart
to shift your gaze

believe in me
i know not what to do
the sum of my intentions
stumble over you

believe in me
held to the naked flame

it burns your name

set your heart alight
and be a beacon
cos my stars don't shine

lift your voice in song
and pray the winds
to carry me back home

hold a door for me
don't turn away i come to
mend these open wounds

so softly they bleed an offering
these open wounds
suffer a winter for the spring

it's all that we are

the comforts that lie
in the shades of her eyes
are lost to the tides
nothing ever survives
Track Name: Now I'm Gonna Take A Vacation
maybeline, it might seem
that i am just a figment of your dream

as you searched all the earth
when you find yourself then
would i dissapear?

all the secrets you have sown
nestle in your sighs
taken down before they bloom
a gentle suicide

all the bridges you have burned
just to feel alive
now your solitary tunes
are left behind

but i know you'll come around
to make it right

maybeline, what did you mean
when you said we're meant for
greater things?

so i searched all the earth
just to find that all i've lost
was waiting here

all the secrets you have sown
nestle in your sighs
taken down before they bloom
a gentle suicide

all the bridges you have burned
just to feel alive
now your solitary tunes
are left behind

when you come around
i might have taken flight

caught on the whisper
of a promise spent
with a hand full of sorrows
and our hearts for rent

we are heirs to a kingdom
deep beneath the sea
down here all is forgiven
in the cold of sleep

still we go on claiming
all we once held dear
now we're scattered as the
clouds that led us here

rolling on (na na na)
yesterdays can wait
Track Name: Fin
sleep dreamless sleep (hidden track)

cigarette novelties
settle in this space unseen

falling out of our fears
check the corners pull the years

salty eyes creaky bones
nod our way towards the dawn

you and i so alike
sleep dreamless sleep

light it fast but move in slow
set this waning heart aglow